ASC-57-60     ASCU-57-60     Circle police shield

These shields are made of high-quality, extremely resistant polycarbonate with thickness 3 mm. Inner ergonomically shaped reinforcing plate dampens efficiently impacts and vibrations on holding hand.

The rubber handles with deep reeding ensure secure grip.


Designation of the shieldWidthHeightWeightHolding of the shield
ASC-57-60-L 570 mm 600 mm 2,00 kg in left hand
ASC-57-60-R 570 mm 600 mm 2,32 kg in right hand
ASCU-57-60 570 mm 600 mm 2,32 kg in left hand or in right hand

Circle police shield ASC-57-60-LASC-57-60-LCircle police shield ASC-57-60-RASC-57-60-RCircle police shield ASCU-57-60ASCU-57-60


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