BL-01     BL-02     Flashlight for expandable baton

It is possible to deliver as an option to the telescopic baton an additional flashlight of the type BL-01 or BL-02. It can be used as independent flashlight.

  • High luminous intensity thanks to 3 LED diodes
  • Locking of end position (ON -OFF)
  • Duration of lighting up to 210 hours for the type BL-01, up to 60 hours for the type BL-02
  • Power supply: 6 pcs of lithium battery of the type CR 2032 for the type BL-01, 2 pcs for the type BL-02
  • Service life of LED diodes is 100 000 hours
  • Waterproof duralumin body
  • Frontal glass made of polycarbonate

Instructions for use



Additional flashlight for expandable baton BL-01BL-01Additional flashlight for expandable baton BL-02BL-02

BLH-01     Nylon holder for baton flashlight BL-01 or BL-02

Nylon holder for baton flashlight BLH-01

Nylon holder suitable for expandable baton flashlight of the types BL-01/BL-02 has a velcro seal. Holder is equipped with metal clip, which enables its fast fixation on a belt (without unbuckling it) or to a tactical vest. It can be alternatively fastened also to the supporting M.O.L.L.E. system.

BNS-01     BNS-02     Night police set for expandable baton

Flashlight BL-01 or BL-02 makes it possible to create so called "Night police set for Baton" consisting of plastic red signal cone, BL-01 or BL-02 flashlight and nylon pouch with metal clip for fastening on a belt. It can be alternatively fastened also to the supporting M.O.L.L.E. system. The main advantage of this solution is in the fact that the signal cone does not take any extra space in the pouch as the flashlight is inserted into it. At the same time it strengthens the pouch and increases thus protection of the flashlight. The cone is open at its top, which enables normal use of the flashlight for lighting with white light without necessity of removing the cone (checking of documents, checking of interior of vehicle, etc.). Excellent tool, not only for traffic police.

BNS-01 Night police set for Expandable Baton


BNS-02 Night police set for Expandable Baton



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