TH-x4-E     TH-06-E     Plastic holder for expandable tonfa

TH-x4-C     TH-06-C     Plastic holder for classic tonfa

Plastic holder for expandable tonfa or classic tonfa is determined for professional use. It contains a safety lock, which prevents movement and spontaneous release of tonfa from the holder. Tonfa in the holder can be carried on the left or on the right side.

Comprehensive system of ESP fixing brackets – more information >

Designation of the holderType of the fixation clipRotation 
with MOLLE
Insertion without
unbuckling the belt
for expandable tonfafor classic tonfa
TH-04-E TH-04-C UBC-01 X
TH-14-E TH-14-C UBC-02
TH-34-E TH-34-C UBC-03 X X
TH-54-E TH-54-C UBC-05 X X
TH-06-E TH-06-C metal clip X alternatively

Plastic holder for expandable tonfa or classic tonfa



Holders for Tonfa TF-24/59

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Holders for Tonfas TR, ExT and batons PB or PBS

Holder TR-02TR-02Holder TR-04TR-04


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